Friday, October 02, 2020

Quick Summary of New WCAG 2.2 Success Criteria

From Essential Accessibility: a quick summary of new WCAG 2.2 Success Criteria...

  • 2.5.7: Dragging

    If a dragging movement is required, provide an alternative means of dragging such as tapping or clicking.
  • 2.5.8: Pointer Target Spacing

    Make sure hyperlink buttons or other interactive features take up at least 44×44 CSS pixels of space, including empty space surrounding the feature.
  • 3.2.6: Findable Help

    If a help option is available, it should be available in a consistent location. 
  • 3.2.7: Hidden Controls

    Important controls should remain visible and/or available while that control is relevant and not stay hidden and/or disappear until they receive a mouseover or focus.
  • 3.3.7: Accessible Authentication

    If there is a Captcha or other cognitive test to prove you are human there needs should be an alternate way to authenticate such as 2-factor authentication. 
  • 3.3.8: Redundant Entry

    When filling out a form, any previously entered information should be available through autofill or selection. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

WCAG 2.2 Draft Additional Success Criteria & Upates

 Among other updates, nine new Success Criteria items have been added to the WCAG 2.2 Draft. A blog post by the Bureau of Internet Accessibility summarizes the changes. These new Success Criteria involve a variety of topics including Accessible Authentication, Dragging, Findable Help, Fixed Reference Points, Focus Appearance (Minimum), Focus Appearance (Enhanced), Hidden Controls, Pointer Target Spacing, and . Redundant Entry. An update to be aware of is the change from Level AA to Level A for Success Criteria 2.4.7 Focus Visible, which requires a visible indicator upon keyboard focus.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

CSS Grid Layout Module Level 2 Candidate Recommendation

 CSS Grid Layout Module Level 2 specification is now a Candidate Recommendation. The biggest change is the addition of subgrids to the spec, although at the current time subgrids are only supported by the Firefox browser.

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Lazy Loading for Images and Iframes

There is a new attribute in town. It's the loading attribute which can be applied to the img element and the iframe element. This can provide the perception of a quicker loading web page when you set the loading attribute to the value "lazy" on img and iframe elements that are not initially in the browser viewport. The resource is only requested when the web page visitor scrolls near the element. See and for more info.

Pausing a GIF with details & summary elements

Cool technique — create the effect of pausing an animated gif using the details and summary elements. See the demo and code at .

Monday, February 03, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

State of CSS 2019

Explore the first ever State of CSS survey to find out which CSS features are used the most, which tools are gaining adoption, and more!

Thursday, January 09, 2020

10th Edition of Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5

The 10th Edition!

A promotion trailer for the 10th edition of Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5 by Terry Felke-Morris. This book is a great choice for a first course in web design. The approach is hands-on with lots of exercises and case studies that run throughout the book. Topics include: HTML5, CSS, Configure images & multimedia, Responsive Web Design techniques, Accessibility, CSS Flexbox Layout, CSS Grid Layout, Introduction to JavaScript, jQuery, and more!

We are still working on the interactive eText features, but I am very pleased to announce that the 10th edition of my Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5 book is "available" on the: Pearson website

Also see for more information and supporting materials.