Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Handy Infographic About Responsive Web Design

This handy infographic by Dot Com Infoway highlights the shift towards mobile devices. Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques provide web designers a way to develop a single website that displays well and is usable on multiple devices, platforms, and screen sizes.

Responsive Web Design Infographic

Source: Dot Com Infoway – Software and Mobile Application Development Company


Linda Grase said...

Thanks This was helpful great photo description for how to make responsive site. thats great.

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Jean Bridges said...

Responsive web design is becoming all the more important as smartphones increasingly become popular. Nowadays, people are always on the go and they tend to do a lot of tasks, like booking airplane seats and paying bills through their mobile phones. As such, websites that can adapt to the screen size of phones and tablets are at an advantage over traditionally designed ones. Thanks for sharing this!

Jean Bridges

Steeve Frank said...

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Gil Karrick said...

Very useful information. I have just started taking a Creating Websites Using HTML and CSS class at my local ITT-Tech institution and we received Your textbook for the course. It is one of your older editions, "Web Development and Design Foundations With XHTML", but I am only through the first chapter and I am already very intrigued by the possibilities. This is what has led me to your blog and this post has really opened my eyes. My only question is, are CSS and CSS3 interchangeable? I am not expecting a response but while I am here I would like to say "keep up the good work."

Terry Morris said...

@Gil -- I'm glad you are finding my blog and textbook useful! CSS3 is level 3 of CSS -- it's an extension CSS. See the W3C CSS Overview for a list of the various CSS specifications.